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Key2investors Podcast

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The key2investors Podcast – for everyone interested in accelerating startups, being investor-ready, investor perspective in Europe and Africa.

Every 14 days we are having a discussion and interview with ecosystem players on the topics of digital acceleration, scaling, investor-readiness, investor-perspective. Our podcast is always followed by a live-discussion on LinkedIn to collect and answer questions directly from the community.

We share knowledge, ask critical questions, and get to talk to inspiring ecosystem players.

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Upcoming Episodes

Jesaya Hano-Oshike Podcast 03

#03: Startup Namibia and NABAN on South African startup ecosystem and investing into African startups


Past Episodes – Listen in!

Petra Wolkensten Ibrahim Bashir Linkedin

Linkedin live: How to keep growing? Entrepreneurs at Digital Acceleration

Event by Petra Wolkenstein
Aug 10, 2021, 16:00 PM

Following the first episode of the key2investors podcast, we continue the discussion with Ibrahim Bashir, CEO of Nigerian FinTech Dillali, about his experiences as an entrepreneur. The most important topics are:

• What are the biggest challenges for startups in Africa and what is the Nigerian startup ecosystem like?
• Why do early-stage startups need external support?
• How does digital acceleration work?

Petra WolkensteinKey2investors
Ibrahim Bashir, dillali

Ibrahim Bashir Podcast 01


Nigerian FinTech goes to European Accelerator and shares his experience. 

In this episode, we got the pleasure to talk to Ibrahim Bashir, CEO of Nigerian FinTech Dillali. We cover his startup journey, why he is in an European Accelerator and what’s the effect, Nigerian startup ecosystem, external support, and what he would do if he started again. Join us, Razvan Suta of StartupWiseGuys and Petra Wolkenstein from Key2Investors on this insightful conversation.

Key2investors Digital Acceleration podcast

#01: About the Podcast

You are curious about us and what we are planning?

In this episode, we will talk about our vision and what we think is important. Who will be in our podcast and which topics we are going to cover.

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