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Transform your acceleration program into a digital experience

Expand your reach and scale your digital assets.

Tailored Program Curricula

Customize your program, assignments and deadlines

  • Create unique programs. Integrate guides, texts, videos, references, or resources grouped into learning units and batches.
  • Give assignments. Customize your assignments per learning unit and pre-schedule them for communication.
  • Run programs in parallel. Several batches can run at different times and in parallel.
  • Share templates. Once uploaded and available to users in batches, you make sure to provide frameworks.
Tailored Program Curricula_frame_key2investors

Program Management Support

Automate to focus on engagement

  • Easy onboarding
    Participants can self-register and are automatically assigned to their program
  • Assignment planning
    Set deadlines for your assignments before starting programs to automate.
  • Use reminders. Communicate automatically with reminders to keep people on track and trigger progress.
  • Coach booking. Use booking functionalities to organize coach assignments and booking from users.

Community & Communication

Keep users engaged in one place

  • Central communication. Whether private messages, peer2peer, or program manager2users, you have one central hub instead of long email-chains.
  • Updates and Reminders. Share the latest status and new plans throughout the program.
  • Assignment status and feedback. Receive documents and fulfilled assignments via the upload functionality. Users can choose the coach to share with for feedback.
Community digital accelerator by key2investors

Content Management System

Reuse to the max.

  • Reuse resources. Resources, videos, content of any form are implemented once and used in several batches.
  • Templates for everyone. Coaches and program managers can make templates and frameworks available to batch users.
  • User database. Startups and users have their own database with documents to share with others.
  • Fast answers with the knowledge base. The knowledge base tool shows all your FAQ and answers to it, that can be browed easily by users.
knowledge base digital accelerator by key2investors

Analytics and Progress

Program Management decisions supported well.

  • Progress visualized. Assignment, progress and other activities status is visualized to filter most active or least active users to communicate with them.
  • Improvement potential. Get an overview of what works well and what needs to be improved in the next run of your program.
  • Reporting basis. Have all numbers in one place to generate reports for decision takers.
progress digital accelerator by key2investors

Key Concept & Functionalities

Startup Namibia Logo IG

“Thanks so much to everyone involved at Startup Wise Guys + Key2investors and our team for a great programme and epic #demoday. Excited for what we all will collaborate on next for the #namibian ecosystem at StartUp Namibia Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH!”

Kirstin (Shelwell) Wiedow
Startup Namibia
Growthcircuit Logo

Incredible Bootcamp thanks to Startup Wise Guys! Now, entrepreneurs are more ready to scale their businesses and expand their startups to other countries. 3 Important Things that they learned:
– Lead generation strategies
– Key Resources that every entrepreneur should have to scale
– Pitching!
3 Takeaways:
– Think global at the beginning
– You don’t need to leave your comfort zone but you have to expand your comfort zone
– Create your all strategies before going global

ForPeeps Logo

“ForPeeps gained a lot of good ideas as we are to enter into capital raising negotiations! Thank you!”

Guillaume Boulbes

“Really good! The virtual lab was very informative with a lot of useful things to make a better approach to investors.”

Guillaume Boulbes (CTO)
Nikiara Pumambietova

“Thank you very much for your time and valuable insights on investor-readiness!”

Nikiara Purmambietova (CPM)
Victoria Gerukh Profile Picture

“I just re-watched your videos – they are fantastic! Thank you so much for such a structured and “templates-based” attitude! Also lots of great insights into how an investor thinks.”

Victoria Gerukh (CEO)
Oliver Sögel Profile Picture

“We really appreciate the great help and tips we received on Investor Readiness. The valuable feedback and hands-on approach gave us a clear picture, what activities are most important for us and how to execute them!”

Oliver Sögel (Co-Founder)
Zane Bojāre LinkedIn Copyright ZaneBojare

“If you manage a large volume of startups and there’s lots of activity, you might want to look into purchasing an online solution for distance learning and communication, e.g. Key2investors.”

Zane Bojāre, Head of Marketing - published in Jumpstart Magazine
Startup Wise Guys
Mirza Sagdati Profile

“The Key2Investors platform is perfect for our digital program delivery. It allows us to provide a digital home for our startups and focus on our core competencies: working with our entrepreneurs and delivering value throughout the process.”

Mirza Sagdati, Founder & Accelerator Lead
RedBrick Accelerator
Andra Bagdonaite LinkedIn

“Thank you for all the support for the founders!”

Andra Bagdonaite, Program Manager
Startup Wise Guys

For Accelerators & Incubators

The tailor-made digital learning experience for your startups.

  • Users serviced independently of time and place.
  • Increased reach.
  • Managed and monitored from one central place.

For Universities & Trainers

The digital delivery of your frameworks and resources.

  • User management in one hub.
  • Content, template, and framework delivery independent of time and place.
  • Payment possibilities for your customers.

For Investor Groups & Venture Builders

Improved startup development delivered online.

  • Run programs or have programs run by experts to improve the status of the startups you are interested in.
  • Deliver coaching and organize mentors in one place.
  • Get an overview of improvements.
Venture Builder

Continuously delivering value

Users on platforms implemented since 2020

Features to Scale your Program

Application Management

Whitelisting of participants for sign-on.

Batch Builder

Back-end to build batches and learning modules.

User Management

Access control for users and coaches on batch-level.


Integration of Discussion Forum for one communication hub.

Templates and Tools

Central hub on templates to sahre and individualized tools can be implemented.

Self Checks

Gives users the chance to get automated feedback on their status.

File Sharing

Manage and share uploads with coaches for feedback.

Progress Tracking

Status reports on activities and assignments.

Coach Booking

Easy integration of coach profiles and booking options.

Custom Branding

Your own look and feel.

Knowledge Base

Your most frequently asked questions and answers fully searchable.

Plug'n'Play Learning Units

Some of our own trainings programs can be licensed for a fast start.


Learning units can be delivered in multiple languages.


Different roles have different rights, e.g. host, admin, users, coaches, mentors.

Batch Structure

Learning Units, Content and Assignments follow an accelerator-typical batch-structure.

Our Business and Delivery Models


For trainers and smaller accelerator or incubator program of up to 100 users p.a. Sandboxing to build your program. Your own branding.

key2investors logo


Full individual branding and maximum functionalities. Your own URL for your digitally delivered program. For 100+ users p.a.

key2investors logo


Program Manager and international Coaches deliver your whole startup program. Delivered in cooperation with our accelerator partner.

logo startup wise guys

Stay flexible – scale up or down. You can start small and scale up or down your offerings as needed. Our pricing and licensing models will accommodate all your requirements.

Proven Program Units ready to start fast

Investor Readiness Training Series

Early-stage valuation calculator
Investor-Readiness Checks
Investment Teaser Templates
Investor Process
Investor Profiling

New Market Entry Training Series

Market Entry Models
Criteria Definition
Selection and Priorities
Sequencing Modes
Market Entry Playbook

Negotiation Training Series

On the table tactics
Off the table preparations
Building lasting deals
Partnership Negotiations
Investor Negotiations

Are Accelerators delivering Investor-Readiness?

While accelerators do great work at fine-tuning products and strategy as well as building pitching competence with the startups they are working with, their ultimate goal is to support them in achieving a minimum level of revenue. This is the prerequisite to acquiring their first investor after the program.

We got curious about how well startups are prepared these days before they start approaching investors. Are they investor-ready?


What needs to be done to raise their chances of getting into meetings with potential investors? How can accelerators support startups individually, maintain high standards and achieve all this with minimum budget?

This whitepaper covers the results of our 2019 investor-readiness study and shows recommendations to close the gaps and help startups get their funding.


Get the whitepaper

White Paper Preview Investor Readiness For Accelerators

Accelerator Fail

“Investors require more investor-readiness preparation delivered to startups. And they need more support to reduce their deal cost.”

MIT reports on accelerator fail & what to do about it

MIT and ANDE report in their study that accelerators do not meet investors’ and startups’ expectation when it comes to preparing for investors or improving deal sourcing and associated costs. We have summarized the recent report and show what can be done about it. Read on how accelerators can ramp-up their investor-readiness education towards startups and help investors source the right candidates. Accelerator fail on investor-readiness.

Get the digital home for your accelerator program.

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